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Fresh paint

Making work during this time, during a pandemic, is strange. Did anyone else think we would be living through a *literal* pandemic in our lifetime? It's bizarre and terrifying, and becoming strangely normalized, now that we're weeks deep.

So many makers often experience a 'why do I do this' moment or series of moments over their career. While this question seems more timely right now (as I make artwork I can't help but think "this doesn't help those who are suffering" and then feel guilty), there's also been a large turn towards the arts for comfort, understanding, education, and pleasure.

Spending so much time in my house lately, I appreciate the art that surrounds me. It makes my day to day more meaningful - I look at paintings out of the corner of my eye when I cook, I use handmade bowls and cups and feel familiar unique shapes and textures in my hand. These experiences are important and valuable.

This is all to say that I've been spending a fair amount of time painting, and recently sent some new works to the Darrell Bell Gallery in Saskatoon, and Slate Gallery in Regina. Go to their websites for more info!



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