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I have, in the past, unsuccessfully "blogged." Typically the challenges I encountered were that I tried too hard to present some kind of angle, viewed through a specific filter - trying to be really interesting, funny, but not too silly, etc. etc. I had drafts saved in a folder for weeks and never published them because I wasn't satisfied with putting them out. I still struggle with my brain's desire to be liked by others, especially strangers, but I am certainly more aware and critical of it now. I love reading artists' blogs. I love seeing their process - you can see their process on other platforms, not only a blog, such as instagram, but a blog offers quite a bit more information. It's also a chance to share inspirations or external links, which is just a bit more difficult on a platform such as instagram. I think that this blog will be an interesting spot for me to work through ideas, share processes and inspiration, and offer some context for my art practice.

Be prepared for lots of images of sketches and in-progress works, and a fair amount of cat pics. #sorry #notsorry

Once I figure out how to post from my phone I think I'll be posting often enough!



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